SAM (Cree AG)

Product Fact Sheet

General Information .
Class Three-wheeled vehicle (2 front, 1 rear wheel)
Number of seats 2, one behind the other
Drive Electric, via real-wheel synchronous belt

Driving motor .
Manufacturer Landert Bülach (Entwicklung Cree AG)
Rated voltage 168 V
Max. phase current 250 A
Output 15 kW from 1,800 RPM
Recuperation Max. 10 kW
Torque, max. 80 Nm regulated from 1,800 RPM
Type Permanent magnet brushless
Number of terminals 12
Phases 3
Gear reduction, synchronous belt drive 5,54 : 1

Batteries .
Type Hawker Genesis G12 26 Ah 10EP pure lead-tin
C1 capacity 21 Ah
Number per vehicle 14 in series / 168 V
Weight per battery 10 kg

Power electronics .
Manufacturer Cree AG
Type PWM with IGBT technology
IGBT type Mitsubishi IPM 400 DAS 060

Charging equipment .
Manufacturer Zivan
Output 2,1 kW
Charge time Full charge 6 h (40% in 1 h / 70% in 2 h)

Driving performance .
Current consumption from batteries Approx. 5 kWh / 100 km city
Range 50 bis 70 km
Top speed 85 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h 7 seconds with 2 passengers

Weight, dimensions .
Tare weight, with batteries 545 kg
Battery weight 140 kg
Laden weight 695 kg
Vehicle length 3162 mm
Width 1553 mm
Height 1583 mm
Wheel gauge 1493 mm
Wheel base 2392 mm

Materials .
Chassis Aluminum (>=90% recyclable)
Batteries Lead (>=90% recyclable)
Passenger seats Polyethylene (>=90% recyclable)

Chassis, body, frame, steering .
Chassis Central warp-resistant extruded aluminum frame. Hollow space to accommodate the batteries. Cast aluminum module, front and rear, to accommodate the suspension.
Front suspension Upper suspension arms, lower transverse epoxy leaf spring
Rear suspension 2 MacPherson strut units on rocker arm
3-wheel concept Stability and good performance with 1 rear wheel, 2 front wheels
Steering Rack and pinion steering
Body Double-walled, air-filled thermoplastic seats to protect the driver and passenger. Rotational molding process.
Seats Front and rear seats arranged one behind the other, and equipped with 3-point safety belts and integrated roll bar.

Brakes Front Rear
Disk 2 cast iron D = 240 mm Stainless steel D = 240 mm
Main brake cylinderCalipers Fixed yoke Floating yoke
Main brake cylinder Cast iron, two circuits, Max. 25 bar
Rear brake pressure reducer Max. 25 bar
Hand brake Mechanical on rear caliper

Wheels, tires Front Rear
Rims 3½ J 15H 2A-4-6 5 ½ J 15H 2-4-18
Tires Continental 135/70 R15 Michelin 175/65 R15 XT1 TL

Costs .
Vehicle price Approx. 12,000 Swiss francs
Battery mobility leasing, per month Approx. 95 Swiss francs
Insurance cost, per year Classification under review.
Premiums are expected to be quite low.
Vehicle registration fee, per year Classification under review.
Low tax/possible exemption is expected.

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