The Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar is a unique new product that enables a child riding a 16 to 20 inch bicycle to be towed in tandem behind a standard adult bicycle. The Tow Bar can be attached and removed from the child bicycle without tools and without removing any parts from the child bicycle. The telescopic Tow Bar collapses for storage on the adult bicycle so that you and your child can ride independently when desired. When tandem bicycling is preferred, the Tow Bar is extended and quickly attaches to a part mounted to the front of the child bicycle. The handlebars of the child bicycle are held in place by a stabilizing attachment that snaps in place. Thirty seconds is all the time it takes to go from riding independently to tandem riding.

Both bicycles stay fully intact.
   Adult controls steering and braking.
      Child can pedal or coast when linked.
          Stores on the adult bike when not in use.
             Handlebars held in place on child bicycle.
                 Snap Lock Clip for easy storage on adult bike.
                     Quick Connect Coupler with Quick Release.
Features Attach and detach without tools.
                    Fully Adjustable. Works with most bicycles.
                 Works with most 16 inch or 20 inch child bicycles.
              Strong and stable high strength steel construction.
          Installs on bikes with only basic hand tools.
      For use with children up to 70 pounds.
   Tow Bar weighs only five pounds.
Correct turning geometry.

Colors : Gloss Black, Brilliant Blue, and Fire Engine Red.